Providing Access to Adventure to Empower Our Under-Resourced Communities

Giving the gift of a good memory, to those who appreciate it most. 

Official 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

long live the rose that grew from concrete 

love for our neighborhood

We provide access to the privilege of leisure to our marginalized communities and bring an awareness for the possibility of positive coping mechanisms, a sense of community, and safe spaces to play and grow.

Each time we overcome an obstacle, we take fear and transform it to courage. Learning through play, we unlock today, what yesterday was impossible. We teach 'thrive not survive' in our underprivileged communities.

Sharing outdoor adventures, we cultivate an appreciation and respect for our environment. Exploration and understanding leads to compassion. And we protect what we love.

Our Mission

Providing access to adventure to empower our under-resourced communities through the gift of a good memory. 

Leisure is a privilege. We teach our communities tools for happiness that other communities take for granted. 

We take command over our life and stand that we not only deserve to survive, but that we demand to thrive

For Our Neighborhood is our 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunity and access to: outdoor activities, environmental awareness, constructive outlets, representation, and mental health advocacy for marginalized persons and communities.

Through access to opportunities otherwise unimaginable, we want to plant the seed of hope, that we can achieve even the impossible in Our Neighborhood while cultivating a culture of helping those besides you grow. 


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.thank you for your love